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Her world India donates books to Noida Public Library

‘A book is a gift you can open again and again’ – Garrison Keillor

The members of Her World India Team paid a visit to the Noida Public Library and donated books for the benefit of the students who attend. The team consisted of Rakhee Bakshee, the founder and editor of Her World India, Madhu Sharan, a lawyer and writer, Jaishree Vishwanathan, and Priya Barjatya Dhingra, the MD of the Barjatya Trust.

Since June 2002, Noida Lok Manch has been in charge of managing the Noida Public Library (NPL) on its own initiative and with support from the community. By using the reference books, students preparing for the Civil Services Examination, C.As, Banks’ P.O., SSC, and other State services examinations can benefit from this library.

All of the participants were overjoyed to be a part of this initiative. Priya Barjatya Dhingra stated that they spoke with the students and discovered the difficulties they were facing with their academic work and UPSC exam preparation. They attempted to help the students as much as they could with their issues. According to Jaishree Vishwanathan, books are the foundation of knowledge. We can get information from a variety of sources, but reading a book gives you a different feeling because the knowledge you gain stays with you for a very long time. We learn things more effectively by reading, so we should read as much as we can.

Madhu Sharan said, “We are glad and happy to know that such facilities are still available and we got the chance to meet students who study here from various social backgrounds. The students were all very driven and eager to learn more. They also told us about their fascinating experiences.’’

Miss Rakhee Bakshee stated that they were surprised to learn that the library has a collection of such diverse and rich books and that students still spend nearly the entire day studying even in this technological age where most people prefer online devices.  They discussed the importance of reading and hope to hold similar initiatives in the future.

We are now living in the digital age as the world is changing quickly. Things have changed significantly during this time, and reading and writing have as well. These days, we don’t actually need pages to read a book; instead, we can read from a screen. Online, we can find a ton of articles on any subject. Traditional printed books have been replaced by electronic book formats like the Amazon Kindle, PDFs, International Digital Publishing Forums, Open e-books, etc. Even though reading has become more technologically advanced, including reading online, the importance of printed books has not diminished.

The great, classic books that were written by well-known authors in the past are not available online. Such books can only be found in libraries and therefore libraries continue to be crucial global institutions even in the digital age. The atmosphere of a library also draws readers to frequent it. The Internet cannot ever completely replace libraries, despite the fact that both libraries and the internet are sources of information. Books are revered as humanity’s most beautiful gift and a priceless source of knowledge that will always be known as the “Treasure of Knowledge.”


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