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Malika Moungkan: Arunachal Pradesh’s treasure

Trickling beyond India’s metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, the Covid-19 pandemic made a hit in the Northeastern region as well. The Northeastern sisters are no exception to the common suffering faced by humanity owing to the second wave’s pernicious effect. In between the tragic chaos, we have stories of resilience and courage. Women who stood up, and refused to let the circumstances take the better of them. Women who worked with compassion, empathy and hard work. They worked with a spirit of grit for the human kind.
We are blessed with citizens like Mallika Moungkan, who recently participated in the 1st edition of SymphoNE, a platform to deliberate upon the development of NorthEast India. It is an initiative of the Ministry of DoNER & NEC, in association with HER WORLD INDIA sharing knowledge to deliberate upon the development of North East India and stories that inspire humanity. A female warrior, from Arunachal Pradesh India is the president of Lotus SHG, a self-help group which provides economic independence to women.she has been
working on the ground amidst the harsh realities of the pandemic that hit our country for the second time in 2021. Her indomitable spirit was contagious as she motivated others to join her cause. Ms Moungkan is an active member of the Reusable Sanitary Napkin production Unit supported by Jatan Sansthan under STINER initiative, MDoNER, Govt. of India. Miss Moungkan is actively involved in making and promotion of Reusable sanitary pads to rural communities. The need for sustainable menstruation is becoming more and more important, and Ms moungkan is not only breaking the taboo associated with menstruation, but also promoting environmentally friendlier options for sanitation. She has made more than a thousand reusable sanitary pads. Her organization is involved in weaving of fabrics, construction of garments and production of jams and jellies.

She has been associated with NERCORMP since 2016 as SHG members. Leading from the front for Income Generation Activities (IGA) of SHGs. She is the Secretary of Nightingale SHG federation, Bordumsa, Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh.

Miss Moungkan’s endeavors during the pandemic started by making masks at home which, believe it or not, was unavailable and inaccessible to a large part of the society in Arunachal Pradesh. There was a huge shortage in the market, and Ms Moungkan took up the initiative to make masks at home using leftover cloth. The administration helped her organization in procuring materials for making good quality masks and even helped them distribute it on a larger scale. The masks were distributed to the police and medical departments for further distribution. The masks were even distributed to the flood affected areas.
Her story demonstrates courage and an undying quest to help other people. In these tough times, her story tells us how citizens are pitching in the crisis we are currently facing in the pandemic. Mallika represents a responsible voice, and we are inspired and proud of her stories.

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