POST Pandemic Plant Panchayat

Can you identify above plants by name? Without using Google?


Meet them by names- first one is Appu, second one is Ajju, third and fourth are my favourite- K 🙂 – yes, my plants have names and their original names you can google with image search :-p Well, Before 2 years, I could also not name plants or connect with them! And what changed in last 2 years? No, I have not done any plantation or botany courses online 😉 

2020+2021 , these two years have been toughest years for all of us. 

Though this two years have taught us what any Teacher, Book, course can’t teach.

What you learnt through pandemic that you will sustain life long?

Let me share my list:

  • Importance of Good health and investing time on self
  • Minimal life style- Adjusting and living with minimal things
  • Creating things on own-being least dependent on others- cooking , plantation, har cutting, sewing, teaching… list goes on!
  • Importance of Family and quality time with family
  • Money cant buy everything but its needed for survival 

I can go on and on! 

But- coming back to the topic-introducing you with Appu, Ajju, K- my Plant friends whom I sing for every morning 🙂 

During last two years one very important skill I learnt is – plantation- growing things I need at home! From kadi patta to Ajwain(Ajju), From appu( Aprajita) to Tulso-Pudina, Dhaniya, From Green Onion-Garlic to K- Karela also Methi. I have grown them all! And without any expertise.

Though under expert advise and supervision with my Masi ( kid’s care taker).

I am sure you also must have tried any of this-gardening, cooking new dishes, workout schedule, writing, reading, pet-something to be hooked at that tough time. 

Though Planting has a super calming effect and has benefits that we get to eat organic, clean and super tasty. My home grown Methi-Fenu greek – tastes better than the one I get from market. 

I am convinced that what you plant at home, invest your energy, time, love – grows and tastes best! 

Now, you must come up with questions like- 

who will maintain it? Its time consuming!

Who will keep all clean?

Who will spend extra on Gamla, seed, khadh?

To maherban, kadardan- aapke bagban has experience that Home gardening can be done with minimal time-energy-cost spending. 


  • You have lot many unused, broken, reusable things around that can be used instead of Gamla. Like – old matka, The can we get cooking oil in, cold drink bottles, broken buckets, broken toys etc. You can color them and make them look fancy!
  • Maintenance? What maintenance? Just water it enough according to season and you are done.
  • Seeds? Most vegetables, fruits, herbs come with own seeds within and that can be planted. Like Methi-seeds, karela has seeds, pudina can be directly planted develops roots, onion, garlic can be directly planted- most vegetables come with seeds that can be planted and you can preserve and plant without any additional cost!
  • Cleanliness? Place them smartly to make sure you get water outlet directed- and you are done!

And what you gain?

  • Therapy! – Planting gives peace and calmness
  • Quality product without any chemical additives 
  • Joy of seeing plant babies grow 

What you can do to keep them healthy and grow better?

  • Talk to them, sing to them! – yes! Its scientifically proven that plants grow better and faster when you treat them like family- talk to them, sing for them. 

Have you also experience anything from my list?

Do you have anything new to add about planting love?

Share and lets grow more plants and positivity together! 


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