Pushpita’s Artisanal: A Tale of Triumph over Hardship

A Manipuri by birth, Pushpita Aheibam is the brilliant mind behind the brand Pushpita’s Artisanal. Specializing in handcrafted food products, Pushpita’s Artisanal is known for making varieties of mouth-watering pickles(both vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Some of her popular pickle flavours include Sweet & Spicy Mango, King Chilli, Muya-King Chilli, Jujube Berry (Boroi), Prawn Pickle and Chicken Pickle.

Currently based in Pune, Pushpita Aheibam calls herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ as business was never in her mind. Since her childhood, she has always been fond of homegrown pickles – her mother and her paternal aunt were experts in this field. Being away from home for more than ten years encouraged her to make pickles, for her own consumption as well as for gifting them to friends. This personal fulfillment led to the delicious masterpiece known as Pushpita’s Artisanal.

Pushpita Aheibam completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 2002 from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey (SNDT) Women’s University, Mumbai and pursued her Master’s Degree in Economics in 2010 from SNDT Women’s University, Pune. She started her career as a Market Research Analyst with Indica Research Pvt.Ltd in 2005 and Gitanjali Gems in 2006. After her elder son was born, she took a break from work from 2007 onwards and continued as a homemaker. After a long break, she began working as a Freelance Content and Feature Writer for a Canada based lifestyle publisher, Florida, USA based healthcare e-publisher, a Dubai based e-publication and a Bengaluru based publisher in 2013. Her writings were based on areas such as lifestyle, economics, foreign exchange, crypto currencies, engineering and healthcare. 

She started as an independent Manipuri food blogger (Blog: Pushpita’s Chakhum) in 2015 before starting her pickle venture Pushpita’s Artisanal; and even now, from time to time, she continues to collaborate with and contribute to several print media as a Manipuri food blogger.

However, dusk befell when in 2017 she was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer, just two months after she started her venture and relocated to Pune from Vadodara. But with a determined mindset, she overcame all the challenges and hardships that blocked her way during this inspiring journey.  After a year-long treatment from October 2017 to July 2018, she survived the advanced stage breast cancer and continued with her pickle business. Moving forward in life, she completed her second Master’s degree in Population Studies in 2021 from the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai.

There have been multiple hurdles in her path towards being an entrepreneur. Many people approached her with negative remarks with respect to her choice of career. But with unconditional support from her family members and her unshakable willpower, focus and determination, Pushpita Aheibam made her dream come true. She says, “We have to know our own worth first. We should continue doing what we think is right; and if we have that self-confidence and we strongly believe in ourselves, then definitely I don’t think others should matter and come into the scenario.” (Her World India Talk Show)

Pushpita Aheibam encourages women entrepreneurs to work with an independent and firm mindset. In her words, “I always had this at the back of my mind that when you have the right set of education, you are a qualified person, then why do you have to depend on somebody else?” She also aims to include other women in her journey who can work and collaborate with her. She hopes to see a world where women can think independently and make their own decisions.

Pushpita’s Artisanal is a symbol of triumph over hardship – a story that shows us that hardships are inevitable but where there is a will, there is a way. Pushpita Aheibam inspires many young minds, specially aspiring entrepreneurs, to work towards their goal. She states, “It gives me immense satisfaction in doing what I am doing. It’s like never looking back for me right now. I am quite determined with what I am doing. ” (Her World India Talk Show)

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