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The first in India to make pure Kiwi wine, Ms Tage Rita is full of courage, wisdom and of course resilience. Despiteresiding in a remote location, her commitment to do something for her people, for her state made her leave her safe and secure government job and sail her boat towards entrepreneurship.  NAARA-AABA, the wine brand is already making a buzz in the market and there is no reason it will not. Ms Tage Rita invested her 6 years in its research, She has been burning the candles at both ends to connect Ziro Valley(Arunachal Pradesh) with the supply chain, giving villagers skills and market her product. People are already loving its taste right from the minister of Agriculture, Greece to common men. It has already gone to National Expo in  Shanghai and made a mark of itself in Organic Food Fest in New Delhi. Rita, in talk with Her-World India in an exclusive interview, narrates about her journey, challenges and future ahead.

Naara-Aaba – The Kiwi Wine
  • How do your product benefits the village economy?

In the process of binging out a product, my village inmates get jobs in the winery from manual to machine- related works. All the raw materials are brought from the local kiwi growers of Ziro Valley.

When she saw that the village farmers were withdrawing from kiwi cultivation, as a farmer’s daughter, she wanted to do something for them.

She is getting people and specifically youth employed, developing their skills, boosting the village economy.

Source: The Better India
  • How does your business benefits the women around you?

There are equal or more women in the workforce, working in the garden, factory to sales and marketing departments. I cannot sustain my work without women. I need them and they need me.

  • What is your take on environmentally sustainable business?

With ever increasing human population and pollution in the atmosphere, we must look for environment -friendly and sustainable mode of businesses.

  • Do you face supply chain problems? How do you deal with that?

Yes…I experienced unanticipated troubles in the supply chain common for any alcoholic beverage. Many of the distributors still don’t want to let my product enter into local markets.

She even said that transporters were not ready to come here, because of the road conditions. The machines that she ordered arrived in bad conditions. It took her 2 years to complete all the paperwork, registration e.t.c. But, she believes

In the process, I have honed my skills to compete more and better.

Ms. TAge Rita Factory
  • As a woman, do you face any problem in your business?

Not seriously on the basis of gender. I have a very supportive environment at home and good encouragement from society at large.

  • How do you see Arunachal Pradesh in the coming 10 years from the perspective of an entrepreneur?

The change and a new trend have already started in our state in the entrepreneurship sector, like major infrastructure development in terms of road building, communication development e.t.c., this will pave the way for robust industrialization.

  • Do you feel something is missing from India’s start-up boom? What do you expect from the Central and State government?

Central and State government announce many supportive schemes for start-ups. The difficulties come into the picture when they try to implement them. We need clean, transparent and faster work. Government should focus more on skills development and training along with infrastructure support. These are some of the important prerequisites for growth and progress.

  • How are you managing your business in this pandemic?
Managing business during the pandemic

Before the lockdown, I have dispatched the wines to Distributors and it’s doing well so far. The initiative and encouragement towards vocal for local campaign by our government are very good and wherever I face difficulty, I am vocal and claim my achievement of making a locally made product in a sustainable manner. Our tummies growl even louder during the pandemic and hence I need to find out ways and means to continue what I am doing.

Message for our viewers especially the girls out there?

Follow your heart! In a men’s world, women may rule better!

Ms Tage Rita being awarded by Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu

Her-World India salutes all such women out there who listen to their inner calling and live their dreams. They fight, but not fright. The world is full of such women and as a society, it is our responsibility to help them grow.

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