A Window Into The World Of Women

Who We Are?


"“We feel women who are self reliant, contribute to Nation’s development and progress. Gender Equality brings growth and harmony.” - Editor's Note

The World has become smaller and easy to connect. Thanks to the digital techniques easily available. But with development and progress, the need to gain more information has also risen multifold.
HER WORLD INDIA is a digital pedestal, serves that purpose. Through its web portal and well-curated Talk Shows, HER WORLD INDIA provides critical inputs, proactive and innovative modes of action, and solution-driven ideas. While Gender issues and subjects related to women and girls remain the core theme, serious relevant subjects of collective significance have also been addressed on HER WORLD INDIA’s platform.
HER WORLD INDIA is a platform born with the idea of promoting the cause of gender, Social and contemporary issues all around. Started as a team of young and bright minds, this Knowledge Platform was founded by eminent broadcaster Ms. Rakhee Bakshee in 2020. The purpose of HER WORLD INDIA is to nurture and foster ideas of empowerment and equality, create spaces for the exchange of meaningful ideas and sharing of insights by experts and thinkers.
HER WORLD INDIA strives for an inclusive and gender-equal world.

Our Mission

HER WORLD INDIA was launched in August 2020 with a mission to build a gender-equal world. It is a window into the world of Women and we take pride in being a platform that lends voice to women and carries their stories forward. We celebrate all the powerful women who walk the extra mile to uplift other women and empower them.
We not only want to see all women live in safe environments with food, water, shelter, education, and health care but we aim to dig deep into issues of women’s representation, equal pay, Labour laws, Stereotypes, and practically everything that can ensure equality in its truest form.
Within our organization we encourage our female employees to be strong and confident and be supportive towards one another.

Our Vision

Our vision is to co-create a world of equal rights and opportunities for men and women. We are committed to having in-depth gender dialogues which will ensure that half of the world’s population gets an equal chance to realise their full potential. We believe that gender equality is bound to have a great impact on economies if we all do our bit, in an action-oriented way, we can move closer to achieving gender equality. We as a team continue to track progress in the world by bringing forth unbiased information. Through our platform, we aim to further increase transparency on social issues. Education is no longer constrained to just a physical classroom. And so, we provide a platform to people for holistic world education and training. We bring forth expert opinions in an attempt to strengthen the dialogue of relevant and contemporary issues. HER WORLD INDIA gives equal voice to government bodies, employers, and workers. We are strong advocates against discrimination in any form. We believe in only one race-the human race. We believe in bringing genuine news and views on social and contemporary issues.